Govt. of NCT, Delhi
Center of Excellence in Tool Engineering
    Circulars / Office Orders
Order No. Date Subject
GGSIPU/2019-20/Legal/1916 23-MAY-2019 Directions issued under clause 3(ii)(d) of Statute 24 of University
GGSIPU/2017-18/1039/Legal 18-JUL-2017 Advisory under Clause 3(ii)(d) of Statute 24 of the University
No. F.2(9)/Admn/DITE/C-1/65 16-MAY-2019 ......Re-allocation of duties ................
No. F.2(153)/Admn/DITE/C-1/61 07-MAY-2019 Committee for recommendation of cases for appointment on compassionate ground in DITE....
No. F.2(8)/Admn/DITE/C-1/58 06-MAY-2019 Safety Committee of DITE ..........
No. F.2(8)/Admn/DITE/C-1/217 19-MAR-2019 Monitoring Committee of World Class Skill Centre (WCSC) at DITE - reg.
No. F.2(8)/Admn/DITE/C-1/213 14-MAR-2019 Bill for claimimg remuneration/honorarium for conducting classes by Guest Faculty
No. F.3(69)/DITE/Acc/C-1/2018-19/192 15-FEB-2019 Non-Submission of proof of savings for Income Tax for the F.Y.2018-19
No. F.2(311)/ADMN/DITE/C-I/183 28-JAN-2019 Data for Polling Party Personnel Information Systems for Lok Sabha General Election
No. F.3(2)/DITE/17-18/AccsBr./181 23-JAN-2019 Submission of prooof of saving for Income Tax calculation purpose for F.Y. 2018-19
No. F.53/211/GAD/CN/2018/4397-4445 13-DEC-2018 ....holidays in all Government offices under Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi during the year 2019........
No. F.2(29)/DITE/ADMN/C-I/169 08-JAN-2019 The following re-allocations of duties ........
No. F.3(2)/DITE/17-18/A/C'Br./150 12-Dec-2018 To furnish the details/documents of proof of savings for F.Y. 2018-19........
No. F.2(8)/Admn/DITE/C-I/374 30-AUG-2018 Reconstitution of Building & Works committees of DITE - Reg. ....
No. F.2(8)/Admn/DITE/C-I/84 30-AUG-2018 Reconstitution of Training & Placement Cell in DITE - Reg. ....
No. F.2(8)/Admn/DITE/C-I/85 30-AUG-2018 Reconstitution/Consolidation of various committees of of DITE - Reg. ....
No. F.161/90/Misc.Matter/TE/SD/DTTE/2018/1937 22-Mar-2018 Guidlines for weeding out of old records....
No. F.2(197)/Admn/DITE/C-I/77 09-Aug-2018 Provisiona lInter-Se-Seniority List for Cadre X & Y in DITE as on 01.01.2018 Reg........
No. F.10(59)/Pur.Br./DITE/C-I/58 10-JUL-2018 File numbers allocated to various departments of DITE.......
No. F.2(62)/DITE/A/C'S Br/C-I/55 02-JUL-2018 Preparation of Outcome Budget - 2018-19
No. F.3(45)/DITE/A/C'S Br/2016-17/38 12-JUN-2018 TAX DECLARATION FORMS .......BY 20-JUN-2018
31-MaY-2018 Campus - I : Water Test Certificate
No. F.2(9)/Admn/DITE/c-I/23 7-May-2018 Order : .....transfered to .....
No. F.14(194)/Admn/DITE/c-II 17-Mar-2018 Campus - II : Water Test Certificate
No. F.2(8)/Admn/DITE/c-I/22 07-May-2018 Order - Building and Works Committee of DITE-Reg.
No. F.2(135)/Admn/DITE/c-I/210 28-Mar-2018 Action Taken Plan for the various decisions taken in the 19th Meeting of the Governing Council of DITE held on 28th February, 2018 ....
No. F.2(259)/Admn/DITE/c-I/202 29-Mar-2018 The details of employees of DITE, retiring on attaining the age of superannuation during the period 1/4/2018 to 31/3/2019 ....
No. F.3 53/99/2017/GAD/CN/3456-3504 Public Holidays in the National Capital Territory of Delhi during the year 2018
F.2(8)/DITE/Admn/C-I/157 27-Dec-2017 Office Order .....Nominate Sh. Sandeep Suri, Deputy Director (Tech) as Dean (Tech)........
F.2(8)/DITE/Admn/C-I/156 27-Dec-2017 Office Order....DITE has been allocated two World Class Skill Developent Centers ........
F.14(192)/DITE/C-II/Admn/1369-1377 29-NOV-2017 Composition of Anti-Ragging Squad - ........
F.2(264)/DITE/C-I/143 27-NOV-2017 Notification - ...Consolidated statement of posts of Cadre X and Cadre Y along with ......
F.2(264)/DITE/C-I/140 23-NOV-2017 Notification - ...Various posts of Cadre X and Cadre Y are re-designated ......
F.14(192)/Admn.Br./DITE/C-II/1615 18-SEP-2017 constitution of Anti-Ragging Committee-reg.
F.2(240)/Admn./DITE/C-I/567 16-OCT-2017 Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC)/Screening for MACP for Group B, C && MTS officials of DITE - reg.
F.2(240)/Admn./DITE/C-I/559 16-OCT-2017 Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC)/Screening for MACP for Group A officers of DITE - reg.
F.2(9)/Admn./DITE/C-I/104 29-SEP-2017 Allocation/Reallocation of duties
F.2(9)/Admn./DITE/C-I/101 29-SEP-2017 Reconstitution of the Training, Placement and Students's Personality Development Cell in DITE-reg.
F.2(135)/Admn./DITE/C-I/89 06-SEP-2017 Action Taken Plan for the various decisions taken in the 18th meeting of the Governing Council of DITE held on 2nd August, 2017
Fees Structure 08-SEPL-2017 Fees Structure
F.27(56)/Misc/DITE/C-II/55 03-JUL-2017 Work Allocation for various Labs and Workshop at Campus-II - reg.
F.2(8)/ADMN/DITE/C-1/45 30-MAY-2017 Action Plan for 2017-18 and budget outcome based targets
GFR General Financial Rules, 2017
F.14(173)/ADMN Br./DITE/C-II/1094 19-Apr-2017 Regarding Maintenance of CCTV Cameras
F.2(153)/DITE/ADMN/C-I/06 17-Apr-2017 Constitution of committee for recommendation of cases for appointment on compassionate ground in DITE
F.2(240)/DITE/ADMN/C-I/04 10-Apr-2017 Standing Purchase Committee (SPC) of DITE
F.27(56)/Misc./DITE/C-II 21-Mar-2017 Work Allocation for various Labs and Workshop at Campus-II
F.18(165)/Trg.Br./B.Tech/DITE/C-II/267-72 25-Jan-2017 Minutes of meeting held on 12/01.2017 at 3.30 PM in the Chamber of Director, TTE to disscuss the issues relating to equivalence of B.Tech....
F.2(188)/Admn./DITE/C-I/557 24-Jan-2017 CELEBRATION OF REPUBLIC DAY - 2017
F.2(135)/Admn./DITE/C-I/534 23-DEC-2016 Action Taken Plan for the decisions of 17th meeting of Governing Council of DITE held on 16th November, 2016
F.13(097)/Trg./DITE/C-I/513 01-DEC-2016 Order - Operationalizing of Workshop at DITE Campus-II - reg.
F.2(8)/ADMN./DITE/C-I/503 24-NOV-2016 Office Order - The Admn. Section is reviewing the relavent data uploaded/required for EPF ........
F.2(8)/ADMN./DITE/C-I/501 24-NOV-2016 To ensure the safety of the students and employees, the existing gate no.1 at DITE Wazirpur campus........
Admn/DITE/C-I/737 09-Aug-2016 Celebration of Independence Day-2016
Admn/DITE/C-II/736 08-Aug-2016 1. Panel of Guest Faculty and Non Teaching Staff for DITE Campus I & II - Reg.
2. Minutes of Meeting of interview Board

Admn/DITE/C-I/797 27-July-2016 Reallocation of duties and responsibilities-reg.
F.2(134)/Admn/DITE/C-I/775 08-July-2016 Engagement of Guest/Part Time Faculty & Non-Teaching staff in DITE-Reg
F.2(189)/Admn/DITE/C-I/290 10-June-2016 Orders - Academic Post
F.2(189)/Admn/DITE/C-I/290 10-June-2016 Orders - Academic Post
F.2(9)/Admn/DITE/C-I/692 08-June-2016 Orders for transfers/reallocation of duties-Reg.
F.2(135)/Admn/DITE/C-I/689 06-June-2016 Revision of ceiling of reimbursement of medical claims
F.2(9)/Admn/DITE/C-I/677 23-May-2016 Unify the entire Purchase Section of DITE at Campus-I
F.2(86)/Admn/DITE/C-I/668 16-May-2016 Internal Training for State Public Information Officer, Assistant State Public Information Officer, Link Officers
F.2(86)/Admn/DITE/C-I/631 11-May-2016 First Appellate Authority, State Public Information Officer, Assistant State Public Information Officer
DSGADIII/5325-5372 01-NOV-2015 Gazetted Holidays 2016
F.2(240)/Admn/DITE/C-I/997 19-Feb-2016 Re-constitution of Finance Committee (FC) of DITE
F.2(41)/Admn/DITE/C-I/987 19-Feb-2016 Re-constitution of Local Purchase Committee (LPC) of DITE
Admn/DITE/C-I/940-967 12-Feb-2016 General Body of the Society of Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering
Admn/DITE/C-I/910-939 12-Feb-2016 Governing Council of the Society of Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering
F.(2(9)/Admn/DITE/C-I/609 10-Feb-2016 Transfers/Work Allocations
F.1(143)/DP/DITE/C-I/ 12-Jan-2016 Integration of Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering (DITE) with Directorate of Training & Technical Educatio (DTTE), Govt of NCT of Delhi - reg.
Admn/DITE/C-I/316 28-Sep-2015 Constitution of Training, Placement and Student's Personality Development Cell in DITE-Reg.
Admn/DITE/C-I/305 02-Sep-2015 Office Order - Constituting a Committee for addressing internal complaints - Reg.
Admn/DITE/C-I/221 13-Aug-2015 Office Memorandum
Admn/DITE/C-I 30-Jun-2015 Addendum
Admn/DITE/C-I/051 12-Mar-2015 Delegation of Finacial Powers
/DITE/TRG/C-II/436 17-Jun-2015 Student's Welfare Activities Committees
Admn/DITE/C-I/051 15-Apr-2015 Re-allocation of duties
Admn/DITE/C-I/007 10-Apr-2015 Standing Purchase Committee (SPC) of DITE
Admn/DITE/C-I/006 10-Apr-2015 Local Purchase Committee (LPC) of DITE
MTech/DITE/C-II/196 17-Mar-2015 Duplicate Degree/Certificate/Marksheet/Transcripts
Admn/DITE/C-I/986 17-Mar-2015 Non-observance of Rule 20 of CCS(conduct) rule 1964-Reg.
DSGADIII/2350-2398 27-AUG-2014 Gazetted Holidays 2015
Admn/DITE/C-I/769-791 14-JAN-2015 General Body of the Society of Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering
Admn/DITE/C-I/746-768 14-JAN-2015 Governing Council of the Society of Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering
Admn/DITE/SB/C-I/464 29-SEP-2014 First phase of "SWACHH BHARART ABHIYAN" on 2nd October, 2014 at 9.00 a.m.
Admn/DITE/SB/C-I/463 29-SEP-2014 "SWACHH BHARART ABHIYAN" - Constitution of a Committee-Reg.
Admn/DITE/C-I/5875 25-AUG-2014 Transfer Orders - Corrigendun/Addendum
Admn/DITE/C-I/702 12-Aug-2014 UAN Allotted By EPFO
GFR General Financial Rules, 2005
Admn/DITE/C-I/5861-5871 05-AUG-2014 Transfer Orders Aug,2014
DITE/ADMN 18-MAR-2014 Maintenance of Notings and Files
DITE/DP/974-979 24-FEB-2014 Transfer Order
DITE/ADMN/1456-1461 07-JAN-2014 Reallocation of duties of DITE officers
DITE/ADMN/781-787 23-Dec-2013 Clarification on the issue of encashment of Earned Leaves at the time of retirement/resignation/termination vis-a-vis the earned leaves already encashed by the DITE employees during the service period
DITE/ADMN/698 28-Nov-2013 Sexual Harassment Committee
DITE/ADMN/581 20-Oct-2013 Implementation of 5 Days a Week Working Alongwith Re-scheduled Office Hours in DITE-Campur I & II.
DITE/ADMN/500-525 10-Oct-2013 Allocation of Duties amongst officers of DITE

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